Fiber Optic Mohawk Blue Fiber Optic Mohawk Blue Fiberoptic Mohawk $40.00
Red Fiber Optic Mohawk Red Fiberoptic Mohawk $40.00
White Fiber Optic Mohawk White Fiberoptic Mohawk $40.00

Be one of the first to ride with one of these great new fiber optic helmet mohawks. These fiber optic mohawks look awesome at night and run on a small A23 12 volt battery (included). Turns on and off using a small hidden switch. Attaches securely to almost any helmet using 3M double sided tape. This fiberoptic mohawk is bright at night and will help the other boneheads on the road see you. Think safety!

  • Fiber optics run with a small A23 12 volt battery (first one included)
  • Small hidden on and off switch
  • Hair length, approximately 3.5 inches
  • Front to back length, approximately 12 inches
  • Choice of RED, WHITE or BLUE
  • Peel and apply application